Arabic translations and interpretation - Legal translations

We can handle large projects and are able to deliver in various sizes and formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) etc.

We are specialized in:

Legal translations and interpretation

We are specialized in translating all your legal Arabic documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce certificates, court orders, powers of attorney, driving licenses, passports, diplomas, visa, summons, notarial deeds, leasing agreements, sale contracts, trade agreements, employment contracts, articles of association, memorandum of association, notices of objection, legal letters, legal reports, law texts, contracts, adoption documents, mortgage deeds, certificates of good conduct, attestations, wills, legislation, codes and legal manuals.
All translations from and to Arabic of official documents can be certified and legalized by the court.

Technical translations and interpretation

Arabic Translations Belgium (ATB) translates technical reports, diagrams, specifications, technical manuals, operating instructions, texts about mechanical engineering, product information, safety regulations, automobile industry, road construction and hydraulic engineering, electronics and electricity, metal industry, paper mills, wood industry, mining industry, oil industry, gas industry, power sources and working instructions.
We translate all sorts of documents about information technology, computers, software, helpdesks and technical specifications.

Medical translations and interpretation

We take care of all your medical translations from and to Arabic of clinical studies, medical files, test results and medical researchers, brochures, prescriptions, instruction leaflets and medical equipment.
We work for hospitals, doctors, health insurers, psychiatrists, psychologists and pharmaceutical companies.

Commercial translations

Arabic Translations Belgium (ATB) also offers translations from and to Arabic of various commercial documents, import and export documents, contracts, banking documents, balance sheets, annual accounts, brochures and leaflets. We focus our attention towards the layout and towards integrating the translated texts in the given format. Furthermore we translate press releases and advertisements, flyers and posters.

Literary translations and texts about art

We offer translations from and to Arabic of children learning books, novels, poetry, newspaper articles, articles about painting, sculpture, film, photography, dance and music as well classical as modern and experimental. We also translate program leaflets, cultural posters, announcements and journals about various art forms.

Food industry

We work for various sectors within the food industry and deliver translations from and to Arabic of menus, ingredients on packaged materials and labels, recipes, methods of preparation, cooking tips, cookery books, guidelines and food certificates. All translations are conscientiously integrated in the desired layout of your choice ready for printing.
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